French Riviera Grand Opening

Palmera Apartments | Cincinnati, Ohio

Photographed by: Belle and Blanc


For the Grand Opening of a high-end, luxury apartment complex, the developer wanted to take the opportunity to, not only show off their new and cutting-edge project, but also to celebrate and thank all of the investors, contractors, and community members whose hard work enabled the project to come to fruition. The beautifully designed clubhouse and jaw-dropping pool and patio behind it were the perfect setting for a relaxing summer evening of celebration. The design of the clubhouse inspired the theme for the party, with its modern, light and airy, yet decidedly chic décor. The clubhouse color scheme of turquoise, lime, ivory, and rich dark woods, along with the potted palm plants dotting the landscaping of the pool deck inspired the event theme of “An Evening on the French Riviera.” We wanted guests to feel as though they had been magically transported to the south of France as they arrived at this luxury oasis in a Midwestern suburb. Every aspect of the event, from the food & beverage to the décor to the entertainment was designed to feel as though it were imported straight from a luxury resort on the French Riviera.