Do you make presentations that never gain traction because your delivery falls flat?

This unique 2-day training is an interactive workshop where you and your team will have the opportunity to present, and receive live feedback, as you learn to apply:

  • The TRUTH of what you’re saying
  • The power of TESTIMONY — both your story, and the story of your idea
  • The ability to TRANSFER your passion and knowledge to your audience

You’ll also understand the key to storytelling in everything you communicate, how to avoid pitfalls, and how to make the visuals of your slides more impactful and inspiring.


Viva Bella’s leadership team comprises years of professional communication experience, and our Creative Communications Director has over 15 years of experience coaching communicators and creating presenter/audience experiences that move and inspire.

Deck Genereation

The age of bullet-listed PowerPoint presentations is over—
and we’ll help usher you into the new era. Using your outlines or existing slide presentations as a springboard, we generate custom presentations that are fresh, modern, and engaging. By breathing story into every aspect of your visual presentation, we can even help invigorate straightforward facts and figures. We’re fluent in PowerPoint, Keynote, and Prezi and can design or re-design any slide deck you give us, or work with you 
to create new ones.

Presenter Training and Coaching

Often, those who are in demand for speaking engagements are too busy to work on the very speaking skills they depend on most. We sidestep this Catch-22 with two different options for your team:

  • Two-day training workshops, in which we’ll teach your team to consider the TRUTH of what they’re saying, the power of their own TESTIMONY as they speak, and the ability to TRANSFER their passion and knowledge to their audience. We also cover the structure of modern storytelling, how to avoid presentation pitfalls, and the primacy of inspiring people to change. Our workshops are interactive and your team will have the opportunity to present with live feedback.
  • On-site coaching, for presenters who want immediate feedback and help for their “final ten percent.” We conduct day-of or day-prior run-throughs with your presenters and give some feedback (but not too much; we’re careful to not overload our clients with too much feedback, as speaking can be overwhelming in itself. Instead, we pinpoint the top 2-3 areas for more impactful improvement and help our clients grow with each presentation). Audience feedback has shown that our on-site coaching produces more engagement, higher levels of presenter confidence, and better fluency with technology.

Presentation Production

Our communications team can help turn any idea or goal into a captivating presentation. We start with an interview to understand your core message and auxiliary points, then work with you to create an effective outline, a full speech in paragraph form, and any media support (including slide support, video, original music, or audience participation tools) to create a complete presentation package.

  • “Great job on the training! You got rave reviews from participants, and we got a chance to see their presentations in action a few days later. Well done! The training has been so well-received.”
  • “I have not recommended a training in 23 years… but this is a MUST ATTEND!”
  • “This is maybe the most applicable and immediately impactful training I’ve received—ever. It dramatically changed a customer presentation I’m giving in just 72 hours. Superb!”
  • “BEST TRAINING EVER! Professional trainers, great examples and great learning materials! It was amazing!”
  • “Potent Presentations has made my global teams both in Europe and North America better communicators, better able to tell personal stories, and better at leading the organization to build our brands.”
  • “I can’t tell you what a big impact your input had on my speech and ability to deliver it. My teaching is EXPONENTIALLY better because of your investment in me."

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