feel, experience, remember

Our passion is creating a beautiful, organized, memorable experience so you and your guests feel cared for and celebrated. Whether you’re planning an intimate family wedding or an over-the-top ballroom soirée, Viva Bella wants to hear your vision and collaborate toward a dazzling design. Our team’s wide-ranging expertise will allow you the time to feel, experience, and remember your wedding day for the once-in-a-lifetime moment it is.

Our Approach

  • PLAN

    Understand your vision, explore what’s possible, set a timeline and budget


    Align your vision with cohesive design and create overall style with memorable details


    Manage timelines and vendor partners, and execute event with excellence

Our Offerings

  • Concierge
  • Design

Let Us Create

We design the entire wedding experience, from what you see, touch and taste to what you hear and feel. We collaborate with you to create a beautiful, personal experience that brings your story and vision to life.

  • Comprehensive engagement and oversight throughout entire planning process
  • Budget management
  • Creative team selection & management
  • Brainstorm session to determine overall wedding experience, including entertainment, menu, guest experience and every last detail
  • Styling overall wedding visual design
  • Brainstorm session to determine look, tone, & feel
  • Creation of inspiration Board
  • Creative partner collaboration
  • Design presentation meeting
  • Implementation of an amazing design that is uniquely you!
  • Out of town guest accommodations
  • Encouragement & support throughout the entire process
  • Unlimited phone & email consultation
  • Wedding timeline development
  • On-site execution

Let Us Design

We focus on creating beauty with everything seen: the overall visual experience. We collaborate with you to create a beautiful, one of a kind landscape for your wedding celebration.

  • Budget allocation assistance
  • Wedding planning timeline
  • Personalized creative team referral list
  • Style consulting & overall wedding design including:
  • Brainstorm session to determine look, tone, & feel
  • Creation of Inspiration Board
  • Creative partner collaboration
  • Design presentation meeting
  • Implementation of an amazing design that's uniquely you!
  • Wedding timeline development
  • On-site execution
  • Includes up to 6 meetings

Wow! What an incredible weekend you guys pulled off. We truly can't thank you enough for making Sari & Alex's dream wedding weekend come true! It was absolutely beautiful, and we know you all put in countless hours of hard work. We truly appreciate all that you did. All our guest were raving about every event and said that not a single detail was missed!

Scott & Mary Farmer

Parents of the Bride

"As the mother of a very busy bride to be, I was worried as to how we would ever get enough time to coordinate an out-of-town wedding that would be both welcoming and memorable for our guests. Once my daughter and I met with Viva Bella, my worries began to subside. I knew we were in the very competent hands of a group of professionals who wouldn't let us down. They worked around our limited schedule, and by the wedding day, my husband and I were able to completely relax and feel like guests at my daughter's wedding— a gift we gave ourselves by booking with Viva Bella. The wedding they created for our daughter and new son, will no doubt be one of our happiest memories.”

Ellen Lee

Mother of the Bride

“Viva Bella really stepped up to the plate when they took us on as a client. Both the groom and I were living in separate states planning a wedding in our hometown. Viva Bella events made every effort to make communication easy. They bent over backwards to meet with us when we were in town and they never missed an opportunity to meet face to face, even if it was on the weekend or a holiday! I cannot say enough about this team. We were not the easiest of clients and they really went above and beyond any expectation I had set. If I had to do it all over again... I'd still hire them!”

Gigi (Duarte) Heidt


“I can't tell you how priceless it is to have Viva Bella on your side the day of. It makes a huge difference. Dora asked me that morning what my dream wedding looked like and I didn't have an answer...but when I look back at my wedding, it was my dream wedding and it's because they made everything perfect and dealt with all the stress so my family, friends, and husband, and I could really enjoy ourselves.”

Ashley (Dethy) Hollingsworth


“Viva Bella was invaluable the day of our wedding. They confirmed and coordinated all of our vendors, established a detailed timeline and, most importantly, made sure everyone stuck to it. They also stepped in when I was having trouble hearing from vendors. It was a relief to have planners who were willing step in with our vendors in ways my husband and I didn't have time to do. I highly recommend Viva Bella for anyone getting married!”

Lauren (Clark) Sharp


“I was very impressed by Viva Bella’s creativity. I came to them with a couple of colors and a vague theme, and with their help, planned a truly unique fall wedding that was exactly what I dreamed. I can't say enough about how easy Viva Bella is to work with and the quality of their design and organizational skills.”

Liz (Munninghof) Reader


“I know I shouldn’t have been surprised, but it was amazing to see how well Viva Bella Events, made the evening completely seamless for us and for our guests. It was an amazing operation that was full of surprises, such as unexpected rain, and a symphony of entertainers, musicians, caterers, and people behind the scenes. It took any worry that I may have had and put it to rest that the event was in great hands. Their hard work was an amazing testament to their planning, communication, and ability to create a special experience.”

Chip Heidt


“We're all still on cloud nine after Sarah and Jarred's beautiful, perfect wedding! You prepared us so well for the flow of the day, and you managed all the complexities so effectively—we had nothing to do but immerse ourselves in all the wonderful moments. The tent, the tables, everything glowed!”

Barb Lichtenstein

Mother of the Bride

“Our guests told us they felt taken care of, this was important for us to hear. The most important thing for us was that the bride and groom felt very special, as well as our guests. The logistics were very well choreographed from all the printed material, to the hotel, rehearsal dinner, the entire wedding day and night.”

Julie (Scripps) Heidt

Mother of the Groom

“You and all of your team worked so hard to make all our visions for a beautiful day, come to life and created a spectacular night. I very much appreciate all your help throughout the entire planning process. You listened, you presented thoughtful ideas, and you executed beautifully.”

Linda Greenberg

Mother of the Groom

“I was able to find comfort in knowing that no detail would be overlooked, which allowed me to actually enjoy such a special time in our lives. Our wedding was everything we hoped it would be and more. It went off without a hitch, and if there was a hitch, I never knew about it! I promise you this is every bride's dream... and I know we couldn't have done it without Viva Bella!”

Gabrielle (Reynolds) Jones